Hand Cream

The fast-absorbing formula hydrates without greasy residue, allowing you to use digital devices without leaving fingerprints.
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all skin types
  • The light, natural aroma re-balances and reinvigorates mind and body.
  • 97% natural-origin ingredients
  • Free from silicones
  • No SLES, no SLS
  • 100% recyclable packaging: safety-certified aluminum, green plastic (sugar-cane derived PE), FSC paper

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  • apply a pea size amount to hands and massage until completely absorbed

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Active Ingredients
Longevity Complex™: an exclusive blend of organic superfood extracts and a high-tech molecule that counteracts the effects of stress and aging accelerators. Contains anti-inflammatory Wild Indigo to balance excess cortisol and boost beta-endorphins, Maqui Berry with powerful antioxidants anthocyanins, and anti-glycation Spinach to promote correct DNA methylation and Carnosine, a dipeptide.
Tulsi: also known as Holy Basil, this sacred Indian herb is used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine and is considered a long-life elixir. At a systemic level, Tulsi reinforces and protects skin with its adaptogenic properties (e.g. increases resistance to stress, contributes to the elimination of toxins, reduces inflammatory processes).
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